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NGIN has a number of affiliations with insurance networks across the globe


Where insurance is a global industry, NGIN is proud to offer its members a similarly international outlook and the opportunity to engage with sister organisations across the world; from London to Australia, Singapore to Canada and Europe.


NGIN has relationships with the below organisations which share similar goals and we are actively seeking opportunities to further develop relationships with these and other international young insurance professionals groups for the benefit of our members who may wish to work internationally.


Should you be considering a move to one of the below mentioned countries, please contact us, and we can put you in touch with local young insurance professional networks in that region. Otherwise, please follow the below links for further information on each organisation.


Alternatively, should you be a member of another international young insurance professionals groups please also get in touch as we would love to hear from you to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration.


The Swedish Insurance Society

The Swedish Insurance Association is one of the oldest still active trade associations in Sweden and the first Nordic insurance association.


It supports its members through training and development opportunities and networking.

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Young Insurance Professionals ("YIPs")

Australia & New Zealand Inc.

With over 7,000 members across 10 branches in all major cities in Australia & New Zealand, YIPs is the largest, independent, non-profit young insurance professionals organisation in Australasia.


Their mission is to provide educational, networking and developmental opportunities for young professionals in their formative years in the insurance industry, and to attract and retain fresh talent to the profession.

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Young Insurance Professionals of Toronto ("YIPT") 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

YIPT is a not-for-profit organization that brings together young professionals from across Toronto's vibrant insurance industry.


Their mission is to build, connect and inform Toronto’s young insurance community through networking functions, social and educational events that offer an opportunity for individuals to stand out within the industry, learn about new areas of insurance, and help bridge the skills gap across the industry.


They invite all those interested to join the growing network that aspires to be Toronto's networking hub for young insurance professionals.

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The Swedish Insurance Association (SFF) is an independent non-profit association that works with on development and networking in pension and insurance matters. 


The goal of the Swedish Insurance Association is to increase the attractiveness of its members by developing and providing both professional-specific and general competence development in the insurance area and contributing to increased networking. This takes place through training, seminars, meeting places and networking events.


They  offer purposeful and efficient skills development in the insurance industry. SFF works in close collaboration with people in the insurance field who, through their commitment or participation, contribute to the association's activities.

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