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Details of NGIN's 2023 Mentoring Programme Will be Released Soon!


About our Mentoring Scheme

Mentors typically have 3 or more years industry experience whereas mentees on average have 3 years or less.

Why be an NGIN Mentor or Mentee?

The aim is to provide a personal development relationship between an experienced NGIN member (mentor) and an industry newcomer (mentee), providing a platform to learn, network and share knowledge with one another.


  • NGIN will hold networking events

  • Mentors and mentees will be from different companies

  • Professionals will represent a range of business lines, such as Underwriting, Claims, Loss Adjusting, Risk Management, Placement Broking and more

  • The mentor will be able to guide the mentee, providing professional development, industry insight and technical advice


The mentoring programme provides an opportunity for our more experienced members to give something back to the insurance community by passing their experience on to others. This will be a two way relationship with both parties benefiting and developing as a result of the programme.









Rubina - Mentee

NGIN mentoring programme was initially a curious sign up and I was pleasantly surprised. Joining this committee over others was particularly attractive because of the amount of forward opportunities the session created. Through NGIN’s mentoring event for instance, I met a few individuals working in the Innovation space who proved to be great engagement points when I decided to transition roles from underwriting to innovation recently. A second benefit of joining NGIN’s mentoring programme is the direct route it provides towards becoming a future committee member. In my observation mentorships are strongest when a mentee has a specific learning/skill need being addressed, naturally ‘clicks’ with their guide and there is a healthy level of vulnerability meaning no conversation is off limits.

Klara - Mentor 

The speed mentoring event was a great success. My favourite part was to meet new people who have currently started working within insurance and help them to understand how the insurance market in London works. I really enjoyed helping people regarding realising their potential, inspire or motivate them

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