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5 Top Tips for Renting in London

By Ellie Webster

Finding a place to rent in London can be a stressful experience, take a look at our 5 top tips to ease the process…

1.      Always have the phone number of the person showing you around a property…

Otherwise, you may end up in an unfortunate situation like our own Social Media Officer, Charlotte. Charlotte found herself locked in a bin cupboard she mistook for an exit when the door shut behind her. She didn’t have the landlords number to hand and with a fear of rats, it was a long two hour wait until help arrived!

2.      Be aware of the power of good photography… Ever posted that perfectly made up, best angle shot when in reality, you’re lounging around in your joggers munching on Doritos? Property images can often look better than the reality. It’s important to manage expectations and check the floor plans before booking viewings, to make sure you’re not wasting time. The minimum size a room needs to be to fit a double bed in is around 2.74 x 2.9m.

3.      Prepare to be flexible with viewing times… Letting agents often run late or may try to change your appointment time at the last minute. An undisclosed source was forced to leave ‘mid wax’ to make it in time for a flat viewing that changed time, a rather sticky situation to find yourself in…

4.      Try to find out how much bills will cost… Be sure to look up the council tax of a property and try to find out how much you will spend on water/energy/internet, before you offer on a property. The rent might seem reasonable, but council tax varies hugely by area and might give you a nasty shock when it comes to paying bills.

5.      Save up for rental fees… Make sure you have enough money saved for fees charged by letting agents when agreeing a tenancy. You should expect to pay a deposit of around 6-8 weeks rent, the first month’s rent and agency fees before you move into the property. This cost will be shared between you and any flatmates.

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