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Extra! Extra! Read All About Broker Extra!

Ahead of next month’s Broker Extra, the UK’s biggest virtual networking and learning event for insurance brokers, Jack Grocott, Brand Director, Insurance Age, outlines why this event is the ideal opportunity for the UK broking’s rising stars community to learn, network, and come back stronger after a very challenging few months.

So, Broker Extra takes place next month, can you tell us a little more about it please?

The whole Insurance Age team is really excited about the launch of Broker Extra. The foundations of our industry are based on building and maintaining relationships so we felt that during this difficult time Insurance Age had to lead from the front and provide a new learning and matchmaking event to give brokers a new way of remotely sharing ideas, problems, and forging new partnerships.

Run from July 8-10, we have built a platform that will bring more than 1000 of the brightest and best brokers in the UK to network, learn, and do business. Unlike other virtual gatherings, our intelligent matchmaking software will allow brokers and exhibitors to tailor their experience by arranging meetings on topics that matter to them. The more you use it, the more you get out of it.

Here would be my top 5 must see sessions for the event (although of course all the content is a must see!):

· Matt Brewis at the FCA providing a regulatory update

· Benjamin Hindson of Marsh, Steve Jenkins of the CII and Ryan Legge of Hayes Parsons will be discussing the skills gap and talent development

· Hear the thoughts of Peter Evans, Deloitte, Ian Donaldson, Atlanta Group and Sara Fardon, Willis Towers Watson Network on how business come back stronger from the crisis!

· Use the Compliance Clinic hosted by Branko Bjelobaba

· What has the business interruption crisis done to the insurance sector’s image? Listen to the thoughts of Mark Bishop, Freelance PR consultant, Mark Shepherd of the ABI and Michael Kill of the Night Time Industries Association.

Sounds great! We know you run the biggest broker-only event in Broker Expo each November so what was the thinking behind putting on another version of Broker Expo during the summer?

Unfortunately, with the cancellation of many industry events many brokers told us that they were missing the usual networking events that traditionally filled all of our calendars. Also, we know that brokers are going through a difficult time at the moment but business must still be done so we wanted to give something back by providing this free event for our community.

We are still really confident of holding Broker Expo in November and we are currently finalising our health and safety plan to ensure the event complies with all required social distance guidance, we didn’t think it was fair to have to wait until November for the year’s first large-scale broker only event.

We know that you can never replicate a physical event on a computer, but through a combination of live and on-demand content with plenty of networking opportunities, Broker Extra is the perfect way for the UK broking community to come together in a way that so far this year has not been possible.

What can brokers expect to take away from this new virtual event?

In short, a lot. We have built the event so that it appeals to all levels of seniority. Broker Extra will offer education and training for younger brokers looking to build careers as well as in-depth presentations for senior leaders running teams or businesses. With more than 30 speakers we have built an agenda with a different theme each day: day one focuses on the year so far; day two addresses some of the challenges that have long troubled brokers but that haven’t disappeared; and day three is all about getting business back on track and coming back stronger.

But at the heart of Broker Extra is our matchmaking service. Brokers will be able to select what topics and product matter to them as well as showing other delegates and exhibitors what they want to know more about. This will help brokers maximise their time and only make meetings on topics that are important to them and their business. Also, if you do have some free time then you will also be able to browse more than 40 virtual exhibitors and start conversations either via online chat or direct with a personal video call.

So, will this replace Broker Expo which is due to take place at the end of the year?

No. While we are very confident of hosting Broker Expo in November this event is an additional gathering. The team led by Insurance Age editor, Sian Barton, is in constant contact with the market and so this initiative allows us to give something back to brokers through this difficult period.

Register your free place for Broker Extra, 8 – 10 July, today here!

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