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Lessons Learned from Love Island

By Jasmine Shell

Many of us have been glued to our screens for weeks now. Sat on the edge of our seats, tensed, as one by one we watch them get knocked out. Eagerly waiting in anticipation as you watch the pre-game rubbish until you hear that beautiful Scottish accent growl “Tonight…” and excitement takes over. Love Island is back!

Now, I’m sure that you never thought that you would see the day that someone said that Love Island could teach you a thing or two. But today is that day! Yes, we have learnt that Brexit means it will be harder to go on holiday - thank you Hayley for that gem, and you now also know that there is such an award as Spectacle Wearer of the Year.

Unfortunately nominations have closed for 2018 - better luck next year.

But surprisingly Love Island can actually teach you some important business lessons:

It’s not easy to be authentic

It can be really difficult to be true to yourself especially in stressful situations. All too often in business can we feel under pressure to behave a certain way, agree with someone because they are more senior or because we feel like we have to. 

Take Samira for example. Remember that reeeaaalllllyyy awkward situation when Megan realised she fancied Wes (and not Eyal) and came between his relationship with Laura? Yeah, I’m not sure Meg remembers it either #savage #eyalwho. But my point here, is that Samira felt like she had to be there for both Megan and Laura, and in turn wasn’t true to herself. She supported Megan’s decision to talk to Wes and pretended to Laura that she had no idea that Megan had feeling for him.

It can be really difficult to stay out of office politics and there are always sides to every story, but be true to who you are. If you don’t like where a conversation is heading or don’t want to know the latest gossip, just watch away. Be yourself and be your best self.

There’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition

Competition can be a good thing. It can motivate you, push you to try a little harder and go outside of your comfort zone. But there are ways to go about being competitive and usually that doesn’t involve making out with someone in another couple.

Use your competitive nature, and that of those around you, to be a driving force but that doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their level.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Peer pressure is a very real thing no matter our age, it can always plague us but you should never feel like you have to do something or follow the crowd. I know it’s easier said than done.

Now, in recent weeks we have discovered a number of newfound National Treasures in the UK; one being Gareth Southgate (of course)and the other; Danny Dyer’s daughter, Dani Dyer. And Dani refusing to kiss Dean during one of the Casa Amor competitions is just one example of why we love her so much. Even with cocktails and a party on the line, the pressure from 11 other Islanders and her own desire to win, she declined to complete the challenge to stay faithful to Jack. What a sweetheart! It probably helped that the Villa still managed to win but we’re proud of you Dani.

Sometimes you need to take a break from technology

So all of the Islanders do have phones but they don’t have access to the internet. Their phones are used for photos, to message one another and receive the infamous “TEEEXXXTTT’ that one gets whilst on the Island. They can’t access social media, they have no idea what is going on in the outside world and, as a result, they have to have real conversation and they make better connections with one another.

Without the distraction of being constantly online, be that checking our emails or Instagram feed, we have so much more time to speak to other people and have these real conversations. I mean when was the last time you got a new bestie and partner in less than a week?  

It’s OK to take a breather

When life gives you a ‘Josh’ sometimes you just need to be a ‘Georgia’. Now I must say that recent opinions of Georgia may have taken a nosedive but credit where credit is due. This girl dealt with the recoupling after Casa Amor like a pro. Girl stayed loyal.

Take a moment, take a deep breath and regain composure. Be that walking away, removing yourself from a situation or just giving yourself a few seconds before you respond. No one will think any less of you for needing to take some time before you make a decision or give a response. In my opinion, it means that you are more likely to make a better one and arguably, a more mature one.

Actions speak louder than words

So back to poor old Georgia. She really isn’t having a great time at the moment and I can’t say that I particularly like blonde Ellie, but the girl does have a point. You can say that you are loyal all that you want, even use the word in every other sentence but if your actions show you to be disloyal, you’re in a spot of bother. Was she loyal to Josh? Yes. But was she loyal to Laura? Not so much.

Now, in the world of work, loyalty may not be the most important characteristic to you or to your manager, maybe it’s punctuality for example. You can talk about your ability to always be on time but actually being on time is what counts. Arriving in the office at 09:05 will be a much bigger deal because you said you’re never late.

Know who you are and what you want

Don’t be an ‘Adam’. That guy seriously needs to make some decisions doesn’t he? Or even a ‘Hayley’ or a ‘Megan’. There are a number of people this year who have been on the Island that don’t really know what they are looking for or who they really are. And that’s OK. But there are ways to behave and recoupling at every opportunity is not one of them.

Whilst most of us don’t have the answers nor are we expected to, we should be true to who we are and it’s important to spend some time figuring that out. Be aware of other people’s feeling whilst you are doing this too.

A job, or company, may not be your type #onpaper but that doesn’t mean you should write it off – sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. Equally, if you know something isn’t going to work, be it a new job or even a given task, you don’t have to commit to it. It’s OK not to settle and it’s OK to say no.

So next time someone asks why you are watching ‘that rubbish’ tell them to take notes.

And a final note from me: Don’t be muggy.

Kindness is free. Not to mention that people won’t forget it if you are. Isn’t that right Muggy Mike?

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