NGIN Advocates are part time committee members who help the organisation in an ad-hoc manner.

For example signing people in at events, voicing their opinions at committee meetings and getting more involved with committee specific tasks.

There is no minimum commitment when being an NGIN Advocate (unless you want one!) and the role is open to all.

We are incredibly grateful for the time, experience and effort that the Advocates put into NGIN and highly recommend getting involved if you have the capacity to do so.


Additional information can be found here. Request form to become an NGIN Advocate can be found below...

Example NGIN Advocate employers:

Thomas Langridge

Customer Group Leader - Nacora International Insurance Brokers

"I enjoy being an advocate as it gives me access to a wide variety of amazing people, hearing and being involved in the ideas of the next generation of people in our industry is refreshing and really gives me hope for the future, at the same time as reminding me not to get stuck in my ways and embrace challenges!”"

Raza Hassan

Assistant Vice President, Energy & Power -

Marsh JLT Specialty

"NGIN have been an exceptional doorway to the wider insurance market, as well as a great place to meet likeminded individuals. I was able to grow my professional network, as well as making friends along the way! Being an Advocate has allowed me to be closer to the ideals of NGIN, so that I am able to pass on the benefits that have helped me settle so well into my career."

Leah Wood

Trainee Solicitor - RPC LLP

"Being an advocate for NGIN provides the opportunity to grow my network across the industry, and to develop relationships with other young professionals who have similar aspirations. It's important to establish these connections at the beginning of your career, as you never know who you may be working with (or for!) in the future."



Contact us using the below form and we will get in contact to arrange a short interview.

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